A Breakdown of Kentucky MBB

The Kentucky Wildcats have had a very confusing season. The Wildcats are sitting at fifth place in the SEC with a 14-6 (5-3) record. Although one could argue that this is a successful season, the Wildcats are currently unranked and have been historically regarded as one of the best programs in the SEC, so their current standing is a shock to most. The Wildcats have plenty of time to turn their season around with about two months of conference play remaining (11 games) and key matchups against Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Auburn. Rumors are circling about head coach John Calipari possibly taking the head coaching position at the University of Texas, but Calipari seems to be 100 percent bought in to the Wildcats and continuing their success that Kentucky has always been known for.


Speaking of success, the Wildcats have a lot to brag about. Kentucky has had impressive wins over Michigan, LSU, and fifth ranked Tennessee. Oscar Tshiebwe has been an unstoppable force this season for the Wildcats. The unanimous 2022 National Player of the Year is currently averaging a double-double and leading his team in both rebounding and scoring. Freshman Cason Wallace is third on the team in scoring, averaging 11.2 points per game and has solidified himself in the starting rotation. Seniors Jacob Toppin and Antonio Reeves are both averaging double digits in scoring and have became foundational pieces in this program. The Wildcats will continue to rely heavily on this trio of seniors to extend their 4 game win streak at home against number 9 Kansas.


Now that we have shared the positives of the Kentucky season, we must also discuss the negatives. Early losses to Michigan State and Gonzaga stalled the momentum of this program and people began asking questions about the players’ work ethic and chemistry amongst themselves. This was followed up with losses to UCLA and Alabama. Now you can make the argument that these four losses were simply early-season losses to very competitive teams. I would agree with that assessment, however, these losses were also accompanied by losses to Missouri and South Carolina. These two losses were embarrassing and had the majority of people questioning whether Calipari would stick around and how the Wildcats would compete down the stretch. Also as we mentioned in the positives, three of the biggest contributors to Kentucky’s season are seniors and there are four more seniors that I have not mentioned.

Looking Forward

As we began to mention previously, I would like to further discuss the roster. The Wildcats have seven players currently in their freshman or sophomore seasons and two juniors. Losing Tshiebwe, Reeves, and Toppin will make a big dent in this program. However, Kentucky currently has the number 1 recruiting class in 2023. Calipari has recruited three out of the top four prospects in the nation to join his program next season. Calipari has also secured the ninth ranked prospect, Robert Dillingham, and the 30th ranked Reed Sheppard. These five Top-50 recruits will join Calipari’s squad and will learn and develop under one of the best college coaches of all time.


Justin Edwards, the nation’s top prospect

  • 6’7, 180 lbs.
  • Small Forward from Philadelphia, PA
  • McDonald’s All-American

DJ Wagner, number 3 prospect

  • 6’3, 165 lbs.
  • Point Guard from Camden, NJ
  • McDonald’s All-American

Aaron Bradshaw, number 4 prospect

  • 7’0, 210 lbs.
  • Center from Camden, NJ
  • McDonald’s All-American

Robert Dillingham, number 9 prospect

  • 6’2, 165 lbs.
  • Point Guard from Charlotte, NC
  • Averages 13.3 points per game in Overtime Elite

Reed Sheppard, number 30 prospect

  • 6’3, 170 lbs.
  • Guard from London, KY
  • McDonald’s All-American

Whether you love or hate the Kentucky Wildcats, they will continue their blue blood status and remain at the top of the SEC, competing with the very best programs in the nation. Although this season is not typical for the Wildcats, you can expect them to be back as a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament in the near future.